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From Oliver Vecernik <>
Subject some newbie questions
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2003 07:42:49 GMT
Hi all,

I recently started with Forrest to build my site and I immediately felt
in love with it. But at the beginning there are some questions left even
after reading the FAQ. ;-)

It is a quite new technology for me, so please be patient...

1. It's going to be a German site, but didn't find the place where to
tell. I'd like to have all the texts (Search, footer, ...) translated.
I'll start using it as a static site. How is this achieved?

2. My surname contains a c-caron (&#268;) and it's rendered correctly
most of the time. Only in skinconf.xml->trail and when rendering to PDF
it's displayed as '#' or '?' respectively. You can easily find this on
the first page under:

Is this a Bug?

3. I put my favicon.ico under ./src/documentation/content/ and	it is
copied to ./build/site, but I can't see it. How do I activate it?

4. I'd like to adapt the skin to my needs. Under 'Using Forrest' there
is an advice to copy xml-forrest/src/resources/skins/template, but there
is no such directory (I pulled the latest CVS code).


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