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From Bryan <>
Subject RE: trouble with tabs
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2003 00:46:12 GMT

To fix the problem, add another line to site.xml:

  <bad label="Bad" href="bad/" tab="bad-tab">
    <bad-content label="Bunny Rabbit"
href="fuzzy.html" />
    <good-content label="Good Content"
      description="a copy of sample/sample.html"/> 

For some reason, Forrest gakks if you only have one
item for each tab's menu.

An unrelated issue is that you are "breaking" the
build process by manually copying html files instead
of generating them. I followed your description of the
process verbatim and noticed the following when I ran
Forrest (no parameters):

X [0]  bad/index.html BROKEN:
(The system cannot find the file specified)

So, you might try copying index.xml and sample.xml
(stipping the links, as you mentioned) into bad/ to
prevent those messages from occuing.



-----Original Message-----
From: Joshua Lynch
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2003 10:39 AM
Subject: trouble with tabs

I'm having trouble with the tab behavior on a website
I'm building with Forrest.  I guess I'm configuring
something incorrectly since the 'seed' website tabs
work correctly.  I have spent a long time reading the
Forrest docs and the mailing list archive trying to
find out what I'm doing wrong.

Here's my problem.  When I click one of my tabs (I
kept the 'Home' tab and it seems to work) the menu
shows *every* entry defined by my site.xml and the
Home tab is highlighted rather than my tab.  For
example if I have three tabs Home, A and B and I click
tab A I expect to see a menu on the left side with
those entries from site.xml I have marked with
tab="tab-A".  But instead I'm seeing every possible
entry in the menu.  I see what I think is the correct
menu if I then select one of the menu links to a page
associated with tab A.  So it's just the index page
for tab A that seems wrong.

I can reproduce the problem in the 'seed' website by
adding this to

<bad label="Bad" href="bad/" tab="bad-tab">
    <good-content label="Good Content"
href="sample.html" description="a copy of
sample/sample.html"/> </bad>

and adding this to tab.xml:

<tab id="bad-tab" label="Bad Tab" dir="bad"

Then I create a directory under xdocs called 'bad' and
I copy into it sample/sample.html (removing links so
it builds without errors) and xdocs/index.html.

After I build the site the Home and Sample tabs behave
correctly but when I click my new Bad tab the Home tab
is highlighted and the menu shows every link defined
in site.xml.  If I click the 'Good Content' link on
the Bad tab menu then I see a menu with only the 'Good
Content' link.

I'd appreciate it if someone can tell me what I have
done wrong. 

Josh Lynch


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