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From Joshua Lynch <>
Subject trouble with tabs
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 16:38:41 GMT
I'm having trouble with the tab behavior on a website I'm building with
Forrest.  I guess I'm configuring something incorrectly since the
'seed' website tabs work correctly.  I have spent a long time reading
the Forrest docs and the mailing list archive trying to find out what
I'm doing wrong.

Here's my problem.  When I click one of my tabs (I kept the 'Home' tab
and it seems to work) the menu shows *every* entry defined by my
site.xml and the Home tab is highlighted rather than my tab.  For
example if I have three tabs Home, A and B and I click tab A I expect
to see a menu on the left side with those entries from site.xml I have
marked with tab="tab-A".  But instead I'm seeing every possible entry
in the menu.  I see what I think is the correct menu if I then select
one of the menu links to a page associated with tab A.  So it's just
the index page for tab A that seems wrong.

I can reproduce the problem in the 'seed' website by adding this to

<bad label="Bad" href="bad/" tab="bad-tab">
    <good-content label="Good Content" href="sample.html"
description="a copy of sample/sample.html"/>

and adding this to tab.xml:

<tab id="bad-tab" label="Bad Tab" dir="bad" indexfile="index.html"/>

Then I create a directory under xdocs called 'bad' and I copy into it
sample/sample.html (removing links so it builds without errors) and

After I build the site the Home and Sample tabs behave correctly but
when I click my new Bad tab the Home tab is highlighted and the menu
shows every link defined in site.xml.  If I click the 'Good Content'
link on the Bad tab menu then I see a menu with only the 'Good Content'

I'd appreciate it if someone can tell me what I have done wrong. 

Josh Lynch

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