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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: website updates
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 03:09:28 GMT
Dave Brondsema wrote:
> AFAICT, the forrest website has not been updated lately.
> Can this be done?

Yes, it can be done. Do you know how? I can explain if you
do not know. At one stage i think that we had the forrestbot
doing it automatically, but AFAICT it is not happening now.

I see discussions happening on various Apache mailing lists
(especially infrastructure@) about ways to automate and stage
the publishing. A few of us should participate there.

In the meantime there is a way that we can semi-automate
our website publish. Some projects have a cron job on that does the final 'cvs update'. You can see
an example in my home bin directory. Actually, i just
investigated further and see that Sam Ruby (rubys) has one of
these for Forrest. So all that we should need is to cvs commit
our built html/pdf into the xml-site/targets/forrest module.

> There have been changes to the FAQ, for example, that
> don't do much good if they're only on the forrestbot site.

I have been updating certain pages one-by-one as needed.
The FAQ was done recently (Nov 22), so that was a poor example,
but i do get your drift.

> Additionally, I will start documenting to the new forrestbot soon, but
> obviously we don't want that to appear on the public site yet.  I propose
> that the public website use a cvs tag, like 'publish' to pull the correct
> documents.  In this way, most documents can be updated and 'publish'ed and
> seen on the web relatively soon and documentation that is still under
> development can be hidden from the public site.

The trouble with cvs tags is that people forget to update them.

I do not have a problem with us publishing docs that are under
development - just put a Warning notice at the top.

I suppose that you want to update the current "forrestbot.html"
and friends to reflect the new forrestbot, yet we still need to
keep the docs about the old forrestbot for the meantime. Is that
the dilemma? Perhaps we could just copy the current doc to say
"forrestbot-old.html" and make some links and notices.


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