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From Peter Hargreaves <>
Subject Re: another Site-wide PDF thought
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 11:02:28 GMT
On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 17:48, Joshua Lynch wrote:
> Forrest's site-wide PDF feature is very useful to me but it would be
> even better if I could 'turn on', or somehow optionally specify, page
> breaking between web pages.  Another handy feature for me would be to
> automatically generate tab-wide PDFs.  By that I mean generate a PDF
> that includes all the pages on a tab.
> My primary Forrest project is a use case website and I would like to be
> able to print all the use cases or just those use cases on the same tab
> without having some use cases on the same pages.
> Josh Lynch
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Hi Josh, You are close to my thoughts on this one. But in my case I am
also interested in using the DocBook DTD.

I've noticed a while ago that the site wide PDF just simply merges all
the pages by putting sections in sections in sections ad nausium (might
have changed now). While technically brilliant, I don't find this
useful yet. It would be better if it used the element names from
Forrest site.xml (perhaps it does now). The following is what I have in

My whole site might represent a <book/>. The tabs might represent <part/>s
of the <book/>. The main items in the left menu might represent
<chapter/>s or <article/>s. The sub items in the left menu might be
<section/>s. My <chapter/>s and <article/>s would be xml files.

When requesting a PDF document I would like to be able to request the
whole <book/>, or a <part/> of the <book>, or a <chapter/> of a
<part/>, or an <article/> of a <part/>, or a <section/> of a
<chapter/>, etc. I'd like these all to be available, requested by url.

To achieve this I would want to put my <chapter/>s and <article/>s in
separate xml files. The introductory bits of <book/> and <part/>s,
would also be in files.

The forrest site.xml file would be structured using element names of
<book>, <part>, <chapter>, <article>, <etc>. These elements
reference all the xml files of the <book/> showing how to build it.

Because I want the <book> structure displayed as tabs and menus, I need
to be able to request starting points in both HTML and in PDF These
starting points would be treated differently. A starting point in PDF
would show all the contents from that point downward merging files as
necessary. A starting point in HTML might or might not merge files
downward throughout the structure. It would only merge the lower levels
of structure if the lower levels are not displayed as menu items,
and therefore not otherwise be available.

Are these thoughts useful to you Josh? Is anyone else thinking this way?

Pete Hargreaves.

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