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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: ForrestBot fails to validate
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 06:31:17 GMT
Coumbe Shawn-WLSC02 wrote:
> I have a forrest based site up and running and with my upcoming
> vacation decided it was time to get forrest bot running to handle the
> updates from my staff automatically. I've spent a couple of days on it
> without much luck. The problem is that it fails to validate on the
> first file. The file is valid and it compiles when used with "forrest
> site" and "forrest run" without issue.
> I've attached the output of the forrestbot run. In addition, it
> outputs the following to the screen:
> /D:/Data/bot-test/build/bot/juix-ui/context/src/documentation/content/xdocs/faqs/2003-10-UI-Apps-Summit-faq.xml:1:
Document root element is missing.
> I'm using Forrest 0.50 on a PC and my JRE is 1.4.2. The file it is
> failing on is a FAQ 1.2 file, but I've removed it and it failed on a
> docbook file also. Once again, all of these validate and build fine
> when using forrest from the command line.
> This looks suspiciously like a problem we had when we tried to have
> another person use forrest on their machine a while back. 
> Any ideas would be very greatly appreciated. 

Would you please show us the top section of your files
2003-10-UI-Apps-Summit-faq.xml and the docbook one.

Also, it is probably a good idea to upgrade to Forrest-0.5.1


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