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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: ForrestBot fails to validate
Date Sat, 15 Nov 2003 08:59:43 GMT
Quoting Coumbe Shawn-WLSC02 <>:

> I don't know if this went out before, we've been having some mail trouble
> apparently.
> ----
> I have a forrest based site up and running and with my upcoming vacation
> decided it was time to get forrest bot running to handle the updates from my
> staff automatically. I've spent a couple of days on it without much luck. The
> problem is that it fails to validate on the first file. The file is valid and
> it compiles when used with "forrest site" and "forrest run" without issue.
> I've attached the output of the forrestbot run. In addition, it outputs the
> following to the screen:
> Document root element is missing.
> I'm using Forrest 0.50 on a PC and my JRE is 1.4.2. The file it is failing on
> is a FAQ 1.2 file, but I've removed it and it failed on a docbook file also.
> Once again, all of these validate and build fine when using forrest from the
> command line.
> This looks suspiciously like a problem we had when we tried to have another
> person use forrest on their machine a while back. 
> Any ideas would be very greatly appreciated. 

The current CVS version of has a new forrestbot in the works.  It uses ant's
import capabilities to make the process *much* more straightforward.  However
even in CVS it hasn't stabilized enough to replace the old forrestbot.  If you
do want to try it, download the latest CVS and look in the sandbox directory. 
But don't expect it to easy to get to work.

IIRC, the forrestbot from 0.5 and previous does not use configuration files such
as when building.  That is perhaps the source of the problem.

Unfortunately this means neither forrestbot is really a pleasant option.  The
new one isn't quite ready for prime time and very few of us are familiar with
the old one.  Perhaps you could just write a perl or bash script to do what you
need for now?  Sorry.

Dave Brondsema - personal - programming - student org 

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