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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: problem generating faqs
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 04:23:44 GMT
Richard Cao wrote:
> I'm having problems generating faqs on my site. The generated html page has
> the header, footer and menu; everything but the actual content. I thought
> it could be something with my xml file, so I copied the faq sample into my
> webpage, and the same thing happened when I generated the site; the faq
> page had no content.
> I checked the output from the 'forrest site' more carefully, and noticed
> the following

:-) Then check a bit more carefully. Those are messages
from the the Lucene search system. I do agree that the build
messages are confusing. This is one thing that we must improve.

> ...
> Index Directory:
> C:\cygwin\home\richcao\forrest_xalan\build\webapp\lucene-index
> ...
> Indexing ... faq_sample.xml [Ignored]
> Indexing ... index.xml [Done]
> Indexing ... site.xml [Ignored]
> Indexing ... tabs.xml [Ignored]
> Indexing ... xalan\builds.xml [Done]
> Indexing ... xalan\commandline.xml [Done]
> Indexing ... xalan\commandline_xsltc.xml [Done]
> Indexing ... xalan\downloads.xml [Done

The following is the message from Cocoon. It did build the page,
but not in the way that you expected.

> * [37/0]     0.661s 11.6Kb  faq_sample.html
> ...
> So I figured it was because the faq_sample.xml was being "Ignored". Anyone
> know why it's being ignored and how I can fix it?

The main sitemap.xmap has this match:
   <map:match pattern="**faq.xml">

So your FAQ source xml instance needs to have a filename that *ends*
with "*faq.xml"

> I also tried running
> forrest seed and forrest site in a fresh directory, and the faq there gets
> generated properly.

That is because its URI matches the correct syntax for default FAQ


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