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From Peter Hargreaves <>
Subject Re: Skin Development strategy.
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 12:32:12 GMT
> Roger Hyam wrote:
> > I am trying to work out the best way of developing a skin.
> > 
> > I duplicated another skin into:
> > <forrest-home>\build\dist\shbat\context\skins\myskin
> > as a starting point
> > 
> > If I make changes to this skin I get them when I use 'forrest' or 
> > 'forrest run'. A copy of the skin appears in:
> > <project-home>\build\webapp\skins\myskin
> > 
> > I can change this webapp copy of the skin and it shows up live while I 
> > am running "forrest run" but if I restart forrest the webapp version is 
> > over written.

Hi Folks,
I've tried using a soft link (under Linux) from
build/webapp/skins/myskin to the source location. I DON'T recommend it
because it was fine for a while then something destroyed my source!! I
think the ant script changed. In any case, I sometimes find I need to
delete the build directory for a fresh start.

I DO recommend a "forwardcopy" though. I wrote a simple shell script
(batch file) and stuck it under a convenient gnome button. Its a safer
strategy - although requires one extra action per edit cycle. Depending
on your editor you might be able to trigger it from an edit save.

Here's looking forward to proper skins from source.

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