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From Alex Sansom <>
Subject Forrest not generating .html from .xml files
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 16:14:16 GMT
Hi there,

I'm not sure if i'm missing something here as I'm quite new to forrest so
please bear with me.

I am producing a static site using forrest. I am also incorporating some
ASPs into the site as we need a registration facility. All fine.

Now, the problem I'm having is that I need to have a separate section of the
site that is only available to certain users (hence the registration) but I
still need to generate the content of this restricted part of the site using

I can't link to this separate section in site.xml as I can with all the
other site content as it will be incorporated into the site menus and all
users will be able to access it! If I don't link to the files in site.xml
then my content is not generated! 

For instance :

I have the directory structure - 


Which all users can access. I then have :


Which only certain (registered) users should be able to access.

In site.xml, if I use :

<site label="mysite" href="" xmlns="" >

   <public label="Public stuff">
        <index  label="Index"  href="index.html" />
        <page2  label="Page2"  href="page2.html" />

   <more_public label="Other Public stuff" href="a/">
        <index  label="Index"  href="index.html" />
        <page2  label="Page2"  href="page2.html" />
   <restricted href="b/"> <!-- NOTE NO "LABEL" -->
        <index     href="index.html" />
        <something href="something.html" />


.. Then run forrest, only content in the "/" and "/a" folders is generated
and there are no errors. If I include the "label" attribute on the
"restricted" tag then content is generated in the /b dir but a link is also
included in the menu (which I don't want). Can I generate content in the
"/b" but not have it linked to in the menu ? Has anybody any suggestions /
pointers ?

The best reference I can find in the documentation is in the "menus and
linking" section which says "Elements without label attributes (and their
children) are not displayed in the menu". (Not, arent generated). Are there
any more docs about site.xml ?

I hope this makes sense ! Thanks,


P.S I'm using Forrest 0.5, if that makes a difference ?

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