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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Skin Development strategy.
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 15:44:11 GMT
Roger Hyam wrote:
> I am trying to work out the best way of developing a skin.
> I duplicated another skin into:
> <forrest-home>\build\dist\shbat\context\skins\myskin
> as a starting point


> If I make changes to this skin I get them when I use 'forrest' or 
> 'forrest run'. A copy of the skin appears in:
> <project-home>\build\webapp\skins\myskin

Same will happen when you put the new skin in src (as described at above 

> I can change this webapp copy of the skin and it shows up live while I 
> am running "forrest run" but if I restart forrest the webapp version is 
> over written.

OK version 0.5 has a "forrest backcopy" taget that copies all changes to 
custom skins (i.e. those in src) back into your project. This has been 
removed from 0.6 because you now edit src in the src directory (much 

However, CVS does not yet allow you to edit skins in the src directory, 
you still edit them in build/webapp. Without the "forrest backcopy" 
target the only way of getting the changes back into src are to manually 
copy them, unless you apply my patch at This 
patch allows you to edit skins in the src directory as well. However, it 
  partially breaks the breadcrumbs trail, which is probably why it 
hasn't been applied to CVS yet, this needs to be fixed. See the patch 
descriptoin for details.

> There is the backcopy target mentioned in the documentation but I 
> understand that is not really for skins but for content and I can't get 
> it to run anyhow. Is it still there?

Works in 0.5, either use CVS head with above patch or 0.5.


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