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From Roger Hyam <>
Subject Skin Development strategy.
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2003 13:56:15 GMT

I am new to forrest/cocoon so please excuse the possibly naive nature of 
what follows.

I am running a recent cvs snapshot:
   |                 Forrest Site Builder                  |
   |                        0.6-dev                        |
   |             $Date: 2003/10/23 13:35:54 $              |

I am trying to work out the best way of developing a skin.

I duplicated another skin into:
as a starting point

And I change: <project-home>\ so it uses the new skin.

If I make changes to this skin I get them when I use 'forrest' or 
'forrest run'. A copy of the skin appears in:

I can change this webapp copy of the skin and it shows up live while I 
am running "forrest run" but if I restart forrest the webapp version is 
over written.

How do people develop a skin so they can see their changes live, using 
forrest run, but so their changes aren't over witten when they restart?

There is the backcopy target mentioned in the documentation but I 
understand that is not really for skins but for content and I can't get 
it to run anyhow. Is it still there?

I started thinking about writing my own Ant build script to copy things 
from webapp to forrest home but before I do that I thought I should 
check if I am getting anything fundamentally wrong.

It might be useful to have a skinbackcopy target in the main forrest ant 
script that copied the skins from the current webapp back to the forrest 
  home skins - or would this be evil?

 From my limitted messing about Forrest seems to be a really excellent 
product. Well done to all involved. I hope I can find time to add 
something back in in the future.

If howeve

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