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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject A skin with some new features
Date Thu, 30 Oct 2003 15:40:00 GMT
I have been using Forrest to deliver my lecture materials to my students 
on the various courses I teach at the University of the West Indies. As 
a result I have developed a skin that is heavily based on the 
Krysalis-Skin. However, it does add a few new features some may be 
considered useful in the main skins - are there any that you would like 
me to include in the main other skins? (I will be maintaining and 
improving these features for my own site).

Features that may be useful:

glossary functionality

create a link with role="glossary" and the resulting link indexes into a 
glossary file, using the href attribute as the anchor. Default action is 
to open the glossary page in a new window at the relevant point. I 
intend to improve this so that it extracts the relevant glossary entry 
and open up a small window displaying just that entry.


citation functionality
create a link with role="citation" and it links to a references document 
in the same way that the glossary function works (at present the 
references file is very basic, but I hope to find the time to make it 
work with full bibliographic databases - perhaps at the end of this 

example http://localhost:8888/courses/MIS/ISEnterprises/case.html (see 
end of page for reference)

next page link
A link that moves to the next page in the site.xml file (allows the user 
to navigate through the site one page at a time). It did have a previous 
page link too, but this broke when I added the menu javascript stuff, I 
will fix it one day. This feature can be turned off with a skinconf 

example - any page

slides (probably too specific for most skins)
This creates a new view of the site where special sections with 
role="slide" are rendered as slides for presentation purposes. The link 
to slides view only appears if there is a slide in the current page. The 
resulting slide page has basic navigation (next and back to full text 

Slides are also rendered differently in the main part of the site, 
although they need not be, the use of role means other skins still 
render correctly (see the PDF's which are generated by the default XSLT 
for example)

example http://localhost:8888/courses/MIS/ISEnterprises/case.html, click 
on the slide icon in (next to PDF) to see slide view - note doesn't 
include additional information at base of page.


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