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From "Stephan E. Schlierf" <>
Subject Producing one pdf-file out of selected sites
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2003 08:07:43 GMT
Hi there,

what I would like to do is the following:

I defined some menue entries in site.xml:

<methods_gl label="Methods" href="methods/" tab="methods_gl">
    <methods_gl_index label="What's up?" href="index.html"/>

       <gl_design label="Design">
          <d_precondition label="Preconditions" href="design_prec.html"/>
          <d_model label="Models" href="design_models.html"/>
             <d_action label="Activities" href="design_activities.html"/>

       <gl_impl label="Developers GL">
          <i_precondition label="Preconditions" href="impl_prec.html"/>
          <java_cc label="JAVA coding conventions" href="java_cc.html"/>
          <dbs label="Databases" href="impl_database.html"/>
          <cvs label="CVS" href="impl_cvs.html"/>
          <i_tests label="Developer Tests" href="impl_tests.html"/>
          <dokus label="Documentation" href="impl_dokus.html"/>
          <code_insp label="Code inspections" href="code_insp.html"/>
          <bugreport label="Bugreporting" href="impl_bugreport.html"/>


---snip ---

Now I would like to generate one pdf-site for the <gl_impl>...</gl_impl>
element. As far as I understood Jeffs posting
I have to define an entry in xml-forrest/src/resources/conf/sitemap.xmap.

My question is: how can I do this ? How should this entry look like for 
my example ? Is there a way besides modifying sitemap.xmap to get at it 
? (I think it's a bit cumbersomely - no offence! ;-) )


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