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From Arnaud SAHUGUET <>
Subject adding "complete" HTML pages to Forrest content
Date Sun, 12 Oct 2003 18:57:49 GMT

I am starting to use Forrest for our department web site.
Ultimately I want to convince users to migrate to pure XML content 
(automatic PDF generation being one benefit of it). But for the 
transition, I need to be able to take some of my users' web pages, save 
them as "complete" HTML pages (mozilla and IE create a _files folder 
where they put images, css, scripts, etc.), put them in my Forrest src 
folder and enjoy the power of Forrest.

I don't think that Forrest currently supports this feature. The _files 
folder does not get copied to the build/ part of the web site. I 
understand that that resources such as images, css, etc. should live in 
the resource directory, but this does not make it easy when importing 
entire web pages.

 From a programming point of view, this should be pretty straight 
forward. For each file to be rendered (e.g. user1.html), if there is a 
user1_files folder, it should be copied to the build section of the site.
Are there plans to support this feature (which I think is very useful)?



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