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From Upayavira>
Subject CLI: Checksum tests
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2003 11:38:01 GMT
Dear Forresters,

I've added some code to CVS Cocoon which stores checksums of pages as it 
generates them. It can then check to see if the checksum of a generated 
page has changed since it was last generated.

This does not improve the performance of the CLI itself, but it does 
mean that files are only written if they've changed since they were last 

You can access this by adding:
    <checksums-uri>path to your checksum file</checksums-uri>

to your cli.xconf.

The checksum file can be stored on a server, e.g. using an ftp:// URI 
(any URI for which a modifiable source exists).

This is not intended as 'stable interface' code. I want to think more 
about how this kind of functionality might be improved, e.g. caching of 
timestamps and links before I want to think about a 'permanent' 
interface to it.



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