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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject Re: Where is Docbook support going?
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 15:00:24 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> You can't always do everything with a tool.

We are not editing with forrest we are getting the output from another 
tool. so this is a dependency on our project.

> Now it's all a matter of who will maintain stuff and cater for it.

This will attract people from docbook areas and from OpenOffice, they 
will help to improve stuff. Do you want to remove docbook support?

>> If you provide a nice way to write basic content WITHOUT users need to 
>> deal with xml tags. Then I am happy to remove docbook support.
> That's why I propose that we use html as basic content format. HTML 
> editors are more easy to find than docbook ones, and furthermore they 
> can be seen also directly from CVS.
> Later we will support xhtml2 editors directly.

But even if you have more editors for html, technically is a problem to 
convert html to xml.

What I like from forrest is that It has import and output support for 
diferent formats. Docbook support helps more than it hurds.

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