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From Nick Chalko <>
Subject Re: Idea: Forrest for JavaHelp generation
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2003 19:56:12 GMT
Docbook does this,  It is very nice.

Sergey Missan wrote:

>Hello guys and gals,
>I was writing some JavaHelp docs for the GUI app I'm working on. The
>docs are basically a bunch of quite simple HTML 3.2-compat files,
>neatly arranged into subdirs. I was using excellent jhelpdev to
>convert them into the JavaHelp helpset (e.g. generate index and toc,
>create searchable database). And then it struck me -- why wouldn't we
>use Forrest to author JavaHelp? Think about the possibilities -- you
>can use the same set of XML docs to generate JavaHelp for your
>application and generate a website with online help! This is because
>JavaHelp docs and websites have high degree of overlap -- lots of
>stuff is being simply duplicated in helpset and on website -- general
>overview, tutorials, description of GUI components, etc.
>I think the one thing that will be required for the project like this
>is a simple extension of site.xml with attribute "keywords" where
>keywords for index generation will be stored. Then we need a target
>javahelp for the Ant-ish forrest invocation, that would generate
>helpset and that's it.
>-- Sergey
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