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From Upayavira>
Subject [RT] CLI and Forrestbot (was Re: New Forrestbot in the works (Re: forrestbot configuration))
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 10:29:29 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:

>On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 02:52:30PM -0400, Dave Brondsema wrote:
>>I'm trying to set configuration files for forrestbot to generate several
>>sites.  However, it seems that the <prepare> section of my conf.xml file
>>has to be set with the same values as I already have in
>>  Why can't forrestbot just use
>>Moreover, how to I specify forrest.maxmemory using the
>>forrestbot?  I have it set in, but I get an out of
>>memory error when I run forrestbot.
>The current Forrestbot implementation (XSLT generating Ant) is inflexible
>and convoluted.  Over the last few days I've been rewriting the
>Forrestbot using Ant 1.6's <import> facility.  There's 'get-src', 'site',
>'deploy' and 'notify' targets in a generic script, and each project then
>has a script which overrides key properties.  The targets themselves can
>also be overridden.
>It's worked wonderfully well.  *Much* cleaner and more flexible.  Ant's
><import> is a killer feature.
>As for your specific question, the generic script <import>'s
>, so it does use
>I'll commit my stuff tonight.

Is there a reason why you use Ant for this sort of thing, as opposed to 
a more pure Cocoon CLI/bean approach? (other than because the CLI/bean 
isn't good enough yet).

To my mind, this is the sort of thing that I see the CLI/bean doing 
eventually. It can already send pages directly to a modifiable source, 
so with an SCPSource you could remove the final 'copy' stage. There is 
already a CVSSource which can be used to read out of a repository 
(although that would require a change to your sitemap, which is not 
preferable). The cli.xconf can now handle multiple sites (using <uris> 
elements). Then, once the CLI/bean can do all this, it can either be run 
from the command line via cron, or potentially be called from within a 
web interface (run as an Avalon component via the flow).

Can you see the CLI/bean taking over this role at some point in the 
future, or do you think there is some intrinsic role for Ant to play here?

Just musing.

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