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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: [UPDATE] Forrest source directory layout and resolving
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 10:59:48 GMT
On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 01:51:03PM +0200, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Jeff Turner wrote:
> >On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 11:59:05AM +0200, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> >
> >>Here is an updated status on my proceedings about the source directory 
> >>layout and resolving, divided by the objectives:
> ...
> >>2 no more source copying
> >
> >To report on updates: I've been trying to fix up and commit the old xmaps
> >that remove the necessity for copying.
> >
> >It's gradually occurred to me that perhaps we'll never be able to
> >completely remove the need for copying.  The problems are quite large:
> >
> > - The src/documentation/{lib,classes} directory's contents need to be in
> >   WEB-INF/lib/.  We could hack Jetty's classpath to include these, but
> >   that's not a very nice solution
> I was never aware that we were making this extension possible. Do we 
> *really* need it?

Yes, it's very useful.  You can put jimi.jar in src/documentation/lib/
and everyone building the project will get images in their PDFs.  Custom
sitemaps can use custom components not included with Forrest.

> > - src/documentation/*.xmap sitemaps need to override their generic
> >   equivalents, and I still don't know how we could do this.
> IMHO we will have to break this if we want to remove copying.

Can't, as this is the only way to customize Forrest.

> Or at least make this be done *only* if there is something to override. 

That's the only reason there would be xmap files in src/documentation.

> In this case we will eliminate the need for copying for most, possibly
> all with the sourcemap, uses.

'most' unfortunately isn't an option, unless we want to maintain both new
and old systems.

> > - Anything in resources/{images,stylesheets,grammars,schema} could
> >   potentially be overridden by an identically named file in
> >   src/documentation/resources/{...}.  This means that for large
> >   proportions of our sitemap, we'll have to use actions to do an
> >   if-then-else check.  This will have unhappy consequences to
> >   readability and speed.
> This should be eliminated by a well designed sourcemap, as these values 
> can be cached.

As you said in your last mail, cocoon:// is slow, and <map:act>'s all
over the place is ugly.


> >So I've concentrated on eliminating xdoc copying as a first step covering
> >most needs, and that is almost ready to be checked in.
> IMHO the sourceconf proposal I'm already working on is a final solution 
> to all these issues. But eventually I would have to come round to do the 
> work you are doing now anyway, so I'm happy you are doing this necessary 
> step.
> Furthermore, users are more concerned about having to copy sources 
> rather than having Forrest copy itself in teh build dir, so this commit 
> would effectively be a big enhancement for our users. :-)
> +1
> -- 
> Nicola Ken Barozzi         
>             - verba volant, scripta manent -
>    (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)
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