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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Where is Docbook support going?
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 13:28:06 GMT

Currently, our Docbook 'support' consists of a stylesheet called
docbook2document.xsl, and a mass of DTDs.  I'd like to know where this is
all going.

Firstly, is our aim to support all of Docbook, or even simplified

If no, we should define our supported subset in a DTD, so hapless users
don't try to use the full thing, only to discover Forrest doesn't render
it.  There's nothing more frustrating than not knowing a tool's

If yes, we should turf out docbook2document.xsl right now, because trying
to 'evolve' it to fully support Docbook is extremely foolhardy.  Norm
Walsh has spent years working on his XSLTs.  We can't possibly compete.

What do people think?


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