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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Storing DTDs in zips (Re: [PATCH] Docbook 4.1.2 support)
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2003 10:57:45 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> Jeff Turner wrote:
> > Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> ...
>  >>any case, the zip solution has other benefits too, so I favor it in
> >>any case (ie I don't see the size as an issue but like the idea 
> >>nevertheless).
> > 
> > I'm having second-thoughts.. (sorry:), since DTD-aware editors want to be
> > pointed to the DTDs, not a .zip of them.
> I thought about it too, and have second-thought too, but of slightly 
> different nature ;-)

I too worried about that. I had started testing anyway, and the
.zip method didn't seem to work ... will try some more for the sake
of feedback.

> What about doing (I propose myself for the job :-) a thing similar to 
> the one done with skins?

Great idea, +1 ... actually i recall that we talked about this
on forrest-dev a while ago.

> I mean, we have skinpacks now, we can have DTD packs. Each DTD pack 
> contains the DTDs and the stylesheets that Forrest needs to transform 
> the source format to the documentDTD format (adaptor).
> How to make the Forrest sitemap use them? Simple, we make an action or 
> something that automatically maps DTDs to these adapter stylesheets.
> Example:
>    <public publicId="-//APACHE//DTD Changes V1.2//EN"
>            uri="dtd/changes-v12.dtd"/>
> Will use for this stylesheet:
>    blahblah/stylesheets/changes-v12.dtd.xsl
> As for the download and install I can use exactly the same scripts we 
> use for skins with some adjustments (to se what used DTDs are needed to 
> be downloaded).
> How does this sound?


Where would the DTDs be stored? I mean do they come directly
from the home site, e.g. OASIS, or do we store a copy somewhere.
Looking for ways to make it less breakable.

One other thought to throw in the melting pot ...
There is probably a way to map the stylesheets to some identifier
that the Catalog Entity Resolver can deal with. Does that help?
Can it even be done?


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