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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: BROKEN: UTFDataFormatException: String cannot be longer than 32k.
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 15:08:12 GMT
> I have had this problem with large .txt files being transformed.  IIRC,
> error actually comes from the XML parser, not forrest or even cocoon.  I
> some googling a while back and found a patch (I didn't test it) but it
> like an ugly hack that just broke the string up into parts and put it back
> together again.
> It looks like Jeff has filed this already as a cocoon bug. See

Thanks for that explanation/information, that makes sense. Any advice on if
I should "wait patiently" on Jeff's bug entry, or if I should look at a hack
workaround/fix? [I have no idea if this is something simple to fix at a low
level, or high priority, or ... ]

I could chunk data into < 32K pieces, but I'm not sure how I'd fake the
parser into creating multiple text nodes. [I guess I could be 'ugly' just
split the file into multiple <source> entries.]

Thanks again.



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