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From "Johan Kok" <>
Subject RE: Linking to XML (Re:
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2003 13:26:17 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:

> I don't know why Nicola uses it, but I (theoreticlly, since the
> application is a prototype trying to get a sale) use it to
> "syndicate"
> content. Some of my pages change on every few seconds (sensor
> readings
> from plant machinery). This information is made available in
> a tabulated
> list for the plant engineers. But it is also retrieved by an
> application
> at head office that presents the information in graphical form.
> I could have both pages on the same server, but it is more
> efficient (in
> terms of bandwidth) to have the data pages on site (up to 250 sites
> around the UK) and the reporting engine at the central
> offices (around
> 20 across the UK, with one "head office" needing access to
> all 250 sites).
Very nice usage, I use cocoon to achieve the same (with XML output) with a
combination of remote servers reading the "web-site" XML "pages",
transforming these to various forms of output on the remote sites and
feeding such remote servers with the regularly used xml data.

Admittedly, never thought of using Forrest for the same -- a very nice idea,
less hassle to configure.

Johan Kok

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