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From Andreas Hartmann <>
Subject Re: Forrest publicaton template progress
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2003 09:04:03 GMT
Hi Forrest and Lenya developers,

Gregor J. Rothfuss wrote:

 > Andreas Hartmann wrote:
 >> Hi Lenya users & devs,
 >> in my local workspace I started to implement the Forrest
 >> publication template buildfile.


 >  >> To generate the template, one would have to
 >> - install Forrest
 >> - $LENYA_HOME> ant forrest
 >> - $LENYA_HOME> ant install
 > sounds good to me. how about a recommended install directory for 
forrest, such as ../xml-forrest

If you install Forrest the usual way, this is not necessary
as the build target fetches the Forrest directory from the
FORREST_HOME environment variable. But if we want to allow
just to download and build Forrest, a default install directory
would be useful.

 >> Unfortunately I didn't yet find a way to copy the Forrest
 >> libraries and leave out the ones that ship with Cocoon.
 >> Maybe someone can help.
 > we should take this to forrest-dev, unless we want to do it in a 
trial-and-error way.

Yes, there are lots of open issues where we could need help
from the Forrest community. I will forward this mail to forrest-dev.

 > i have some ideas what is needed and what is not though.

 >> If you're interested in participating, I can commit the
 >> current state to CVS (basically an additional build file
 >> and a "src/templates/forrest" directory).
 > yes, please do. i am very curious

OK, if I get some +1's I will commit the code.

 >> Here's a little teaser:
 > and, from ages past:
 > the new (and improved) bxeng will make it fairly easy to create a 
stylesheet to edit xdoc in the browser as well.


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