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From "David Remy" <>
Subject RE: XMLBeans website
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 15:22:24 GMT
> The current way is to copy the files to temporary directory therefore 
> "assembling" the source dirs.

bummer! :)
> My proposal would be to add the ability for users to specify all the 
> source dirs and map them to the "virtual" source locations.
> In this way sources can remain where they are and Forrest 
> gets the files 
> from there.

yes, that is exactly what I was initially hunting around for.  I -think- (still very forrest
naive) it would be helpful to have an option to treat the html files in the 'virtual' source
locations as ehtml files.  This is what I was wanting to do with some of the XMLBeans user

> This has been discussed before, and IMO it's time we tackle it.
> I'll start a thread on this, in the meantime file copying 
> will have to 
> do I'm afraid :-/

So I guess the best approach will be to create an ant script in the XMLBeans website directory
that copies the XMLBeans user doc and javadoc into the appropriate forrest source directory,
invokes forrest to build the site, and then cleans up the redundant forrest source directory.

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