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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject URLEncoder on IdGeneratorTransformer procuces invalid document xml
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2003 00:17:31 GMT

I have been digging for this error:

/var/tmp/fs/build/site/samples/ihtml-sample.xml:4:143: Attribute value 
"Test+iHTML+page" of type ID must be a name.

On /forrest.xmap/ we use /idgen/ tranform to produce id for sections title:

<map:generate src="content/xdocs/{1}.ihtml" type="html" />
<map:transform src="resources/stylesheets/html2document.xsl" />
<map:transform type="idgen" />
<map:serialize type="xml-document"/>

On / we use URLEncoder.encode and that 
transform spaces to a a plus sign "+".

RCS file: 
retrieving revision 1.6
diff -r1.6
<                 String newId = URLEncoder.encode(id);
 >                 //FIXME: + produces an error on document schema
 > 		String newId = URLEncoder.encode(id);

So in other to fix this issue we can:

- Modify DTD and change a ID attribute for DATA attribute.

- FIX on and remove spaces on the id.

-Ignore as this is just a tranformation to a intermediate xml format.

Say something.


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