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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: xml-forrest/src/resources/stylesheets page2document.xsl
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 14:04:51 GMT
Jeff Turner wrote:
>>There is not mention on the archives of such a request.
> Jason Lane was trying to use XMLForm.

But that is not a request.

>>So, for someone like me that does not use svg. should be have a 
>>./ get-svg as well?
> You've used SVG before, because you've built the seed site before.  And
> you're avoiding the question ;P

funny, you forgot as well to reply to my question.

No, I am not using SVG on my sites, for the skins I created I used png 

The fresh-site example for forrest use it, I fixed a couple of issues, 
but I am not using that technology somewhere else.

>>I do not know if it is a real world example but I am looking to access a 
>>database for specifict data and get a PDF with that.
> Depends on whether you want to website to reflect what's currently in the
> database.  It's a fair use-case for XSP, but also irrelevant to the
> question of why XSP users can't run an Ant task.

We are comparing two cases SVG and XSP, if you feel that we need to run 
an Ant task then let's do it. But for both technologies as they are 
equivalent cases:

SVG support
batik-1.5b4-fop.jar 2068 Kb
works with static content.
Low usage

XSP support
jdtcore-2.1.0.jar 2408 Kb
works with static content.
Requested by users.

So same reasons you apply for a "get-xsp" ant task I applied for 
"get-svg" ant task.

I am not against SVG, I think that we need it, but all your reasons can 
be applied to SVG, and SVG is distributed by default, so why XSP can not?


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