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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject Re: Stability and releases (Re: Mixed-namespace support)
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2003 13:01:19 GMT

Jeff Turner wrote:
> When judging stability, what matters are the *contracts* between the
> software and the user.

And the libraries used by the product. If in the hurried applied to 
released 2.1.1 there is a bug that affects us (say excalibur-event) we 
will have to release a hotfix, new version.

what would the users think? "Hey! it took them 7 months to release and 
when they did it, they did without test it propertly"

>>I will forward a vote so we let everyone to decide for us, is that ok?
> I'm -1 on releasing CVS as-is, as adding *.html and half-assed namespace
> support *does* affect user contracts.  What I'd like to do is branch CVS
> before the *.html patch and make a 0.5 branch of uncontroversial stuff,
> and vote on the release of that.

I have not mention that because Nicola agreded to revert it, and I just 
want to agreed on a date.


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