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From Raymond Penners <>
Subject Re: Multi-lingual static web site
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 08:24:26 GMT
Juan Jose Pablos wrote:

>> I have searched the mailinglist archives and found some references to
>> the Cocoon i18n translator. What I couldn't find was how to integrate
>> this with a clean out-of-the-box Forrest installation?
> I18n is to translate a <itext>Translate this</itext> within a xml 
> document. It would be added possibly after 0.5 release, but I think 
> that is not what are you looking for.

The i18n translator approach to translate bits of text from XML 
documents would suffice for now. I understand that there are other 
options, like translating documents as a a whole.

Still, is the i18n translator approach something that  can already be 
made to work with the current version of Forrest, e.g. by tweaking some 
XML files. Or, is this future functionality?

I have tried using some i18n tags but that did not seem to work. I am 
also wondering how Forrest would be able to generate a static site using 
this approach. For example, how does it know that it has to generate 
document.en.html and, given document.xml ?


Raymond Penners -*- -*-

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