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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Remove need to build Forrest
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 10:19:31 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi dijo:
> Currently Forrest has to be built before usage, and this is both a good
and a bad thing. Good because it separates the working version from the
CVS version. Bad because the buildfile is getting an intangble mess.
> Hence I would propose that we move all the files that are copied at
buildtime into the forrest-shbat directory.
> This means basically moving there:
>    src/resources/conf/**
>    src/resources/grammar/**
>    src/resources/schema/**
>    src/resources/images/**
>    src/resources/skins/**
>    src/resources/fresh-site/**
>    src/resources/stylesheets/**
> like the build file does. In this way the src/resources/forrest-shbat
will be exactly like the current build\dist\shbat dir.
> This, plus making fresh-site be used directly as sparse files instead of
>  a zip, and moving there also the libraries. Optionally we can see to
> download the libraries with <get> and install them or in the
> forrest-shbat correct dir or reference them in some other way, still not
>  thought well about this yet, suggestions welcome.
> I would also rename forrest-shbat to something more generic, like
"forrestcore" (or something like that, as we have already forrestbar and
>  forrestbot).


> Finally the build target would simply <synch> itself with the usual
build/dist/shbat/ directory, so that if users still use it they do not
need to change anything.
> As a result we would have a smaller and cleaner buildfile, much less
copying, and easier work for the developer that does not need check the
buildfile every time he adds some features.
> Of course, this has to be done without impacting on Jeff's work about
non-copying Forrest sources, so it would probably go after his commit.
> Whattayathink?

+1 or as Stefano said: "Amén, brother!" :-D

Antonio Gallardo.

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