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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Difficulties upgrading FOP website--compliance.html page
Date Sat, 27 Sep 2003 12:54:58 GMT
In the upgrade from Forrest 0.4 to Forrest 0.5 (*very*
nice speed improvement, BTW!) FOP's compliance.xml
page is no longer working.

Compliance.xml uses a separate compliance2html.xsl
stylesheet [1] to generate the HTML page.  Forrest 0.4
(somehow) takes the HTML page generated and adds the
menu to it.

Current compliance.html page (generated by 0.4):

Forrest 0.5 is just giving us a blank page except for
the left-menu:

The sitemap entries [2] between sitemap.xmap and
sitemap-0.5.xmap are very similar for this
compliance.xml document:

Forrest 0.4:

<map:match pattern="body-compliance.xml">
  <map:generate type="file-nolabel"
  <map:serialize type="xml"/>

Forrest 0.5:

<map:match pattern="body-compliance.xml">
  <map:generate type="file"
  <map:serialize type="xml"/>

Any clue on what we might be doing wrong?  (We
switched from type="file-nolabel" to "file", but there
is no "file-nolabel" map:generator in F0.5, because
none of the generators have labels anymore.)  Also,
other questions that will help me better understand
the site map:

1.)  Why are we matching on "body-xxxx" or
"**body-*.html" within the Forrest sitemap?  We don't
have any files named body-compliance.xml, or anything
with "body" in it.  I'm not sure what "body"

2.)  A major change between 0.4 and 0.5 sitemaps [2]
is that the attribute label="content" was removed from
the <map:generator> definitions.  (Only the
"file-nolabel" generator in Forrest 0.4 lacked this
attribute.)  What did the presence/absence of the
"label" attribute originally mean for a generator? 
Why could it now be removed in Forrest 0.5?

3.) The Forrest 0.4 sitemap had five generators
defined:  directory, html, libre, nekodtd,
textparser--Forrest 0.5 has only one:  file, with
"html" and "directory" commented out.  Why are these
no longer needed?  (Note, reactivating the HTML
generator did help me with the compliance.xml

Thanks for any assistance,


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