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Subject cvs commit: xml-forrest status.xml
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2003 14:35:59 GMT
jefft       2003/09/06 07:35:59

  Modified:    .        status.xml
  Remove done/irrelevant todo items
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.201     +2 -41     xml-forrest/status.xml
  Index: status.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-forrest/status.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.200
  retrieving revision 1.201
  diff -u -r1.200 -r1.201
  --- status.xml	4 Sep 2003 13:12:04 -0000	1.200
  +++ status.xml	6 Sep 2003 14:35:59 -0000	1.201
  @@ -903,10 +903,6 @@
       <actions priority="high">
  -      <action context="docs" dev="open">
  -        Enhance the "Using Forrest" doc to mention site.xml and
  -        alternative book.xml files.
  -      </action>     
         <action context="code" dev="open">
           Rework the menu generation system to make it more flexible.  See thread
  @@ -930,18 +926,6 @@
             Finalise the project-definition DTDs, like status.xml and module.xml;
             try to come up with a common format with others on
  -        <action context="code" dev="open">
  -          The document-v11 DTD needs to rationalise the use of link|jump|fork
  -          elements and clarify their use in the documentation.
  -          See email discussion -
  -          <link href=";m=102328646710432">DTD/XSLT
mods: link and jump</link> and
  -          <link href=";m=102339964119473">DTD
  -          Eventually move to something more similar to xhtml 1.1 or 2-draft.
  -          Nicola Ken suggests adding 'a' as an altrernative tag for 'link'.
  -        </action>
  -        <action context="code" dev="open">
  -          Figure out a way of rendering pages that aren't linked to from anywhere.
  -        </action>
         <actions priority="medium">
  @@ -949,17 +933,9 @@
             Finish the RSS feed for status.xml.
             Aggregate status.xml and project.xml to have all needed project data.
  -        <action context="webapp" dev="open">
  -          Continue development of the editing system in the webapp.
  -          Needs bugfixes, xml2wiki stylesheet and enhancements to the wiki grammer 
  -          especially to define sections and titles.
  -        </action>      
           <action context="docs" dev="open">
             Add stylesheets to render the enhanced status.xml file contents.
  -        <action context="code" dev="open">
  -          Allow the obfuscation of mailto links to be configurable.
  -        </action>     
           <action context="code" dev="JT">
             In skinconf.xml, change 'disable-search' to 'enable-search'.
  @@ -968,13 +944,6 @@
             See email discussion <link href=";m=102471820523388">draft
forrest toolbar for Mozilla</link>.
           <action context="code" dev="open">
  -          Optimise the CLI to deal with Javadocs, and other large sets of
  -          pre-generated content.  For example the Javadocs are placed in
  -          src/documentation/content/javadocs, they will be traversed, but far too
  -          slowly to be of practical use.
  -        </action>      
  -        <action context="code" dev="open">
             Fix things so docs can be edited in src/*, and have the changes appear
             immediately in the webapp.  Involves creating/using an InputModule for
             passing '' and other properties to the sitemap, so we can
  @@ -992,10 +961,6 @@
             processor for pre-validation inclusion.
           <action context="code" dev="open">
  -          Skinify Miles Elam's CSS mockup.  The rounded
  -          tabs would require the CSS image traversal fix, but it's not essential.
  -        </action>  
  -        <action context="code" dev="open">
             Docs.  A lot of the info on the website is outdated.  With metadata
             from site.xml, it would at least be possible to indicate how old the
             doc is, and perhaps indicate its relevance from a small controlled
  @@ -1007,20 +972,16 @@
             <link href=";m=102390892524750">redirects
with static sites</link>
           <action context="code" dev="open">
  -          Create a Forrest Maven plugin.  This is probably the biggest single way
  -          to widen Forrest's exposure and attract new users.
  +          Fix up and integrate the Forrest Maven plugin.
         <actions priority="low">
           <action context="code" dev="open">
  -          Ensure that PHP-like stuff can be enbedded easily in Forrest files and
  +          Ensure that PHP-like stuff can be embedded easily in Forrest files and
             document it.
  -        <action context="code" dev="NKB">
  -          Add the PATCHQUEUE system to Forrest, as used by cocoon-dev
  -        </action>       
           <action context="code" dev="open">
             Continue the development of the <link
               href="libre-intro.html">Libre</link> facility - replacement for

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