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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: obfuscate email addresses
Date Sun, 21 Sep 2003 07:31:56 GMT
There are some interesting recommendations and techniques described at:


David Crossley wrote:
> Antonio Gallardo wrote: 
> > David Crossley dijo:
> > > Another related issue is when people reply to the cvs commit log emails.
> > > Some people forget to clean up the reply to remove email addresses and
> > > other cruft.
> > 
> > Yep. Thanks to point out this! I already saw this, but I forgot to mention
> > about this. I think this is very interesting topic of dicussion around all
> > the cocoon projects.
> > 
> > From my own experience I am sure I started got SPAM because someone
> > spamboted our maillists. I don't use this email address in other way,
> > just in apache related maillists.
> That is a big worry.
> > Is posible to hack a little the maillist manager to ofuscate the
> > body of the messages?
> That would be nice, but probably not scalable. As you can imagine,
> a massive amount of email passes through the Apache servers.
> Anyway, that topic could be raised on some of the general mailing
> lists. Perhaps there is a solution.
> > Are other people in Apache concerned about the SPAM problem?
> I am, and i have often heard it discussed on other Apache lists.
> If you look back through the cocoon-dev archives there was a
> well-received Vote about obfuscation. It has been partially done
> for Cocoon.
> The infrastructure<AT>apache team is actively addressing spam
> to prevent it coming through to the mailing lists and the committer
> accounts. However, that effort is not attempting to deal with the
> source of the problem. That is up to us.
> In fact i believe that it is a duty of Forrest to generate the
> documentation in a way that minimises spam.
> > I think this is a very important topic to raise to the admin of
> > the whole ASF? What you think?
> Definitely.
> After Forrest gets its act together, it would be good to discuss
> some solutions in a wider context.
> --David

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