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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject How do I tell forrest to use context/xdocs/**/*.xml
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2003 01:51:40 GMT
I think it is time to admit I need some forrest 101 help.

I am attempting to dynamically create xdocs for Gump, and example is here:

The layout of my 'site' is roughly:

        index.xml (the gump 'workspace' which lists all modules, below)
        {module}/index.xml (a module, of which there are hundreds)
        {module}/{project}.xml (on per project)
        {module}/{worktype}/{work}.xml (some per module/project)


        gump_stats/index.xml -- plus links to others
        gump_xref/index.xml -- plus links to others

My problem is that locally (on a W2K install) I get a full site, but when I
build this via two Linux forrest I get missing pages, primarily missing
project pages. [Uh oh, gosh -- as I write this I do hope it isn't a file
case issue, I don't believe it is, and I still need the 101 even if it is.]
Sometimes it "finds" files, but mostly it does not -- and these files *are
linked* from pages forrest processes. What is interesting is it seems to
"learn" over time, it seems to improve the coverage over time.

When I've asked foresters about this they say "use site.xml". Well, I've
reviewed this documentation, and I see how to add menus, and I see how to do
linking, but I don't see how to "index" a site.

Do I list all directories, do I somehow teach it an <include "**/*.xml"/> -- 
I'm sorry, I just don't see it.

I'd really appreciate a simple pointer on how I list files, do I use fill
path or relative, etc. BTW: Most of my pages aren't in menus, in case that
is relevant, they are just linked to from other pages.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


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