Indeed, it seems that the PDF generation doesn't allow images that
don't fit in PDF's page.
You could try to disable the PDF generation in your site, and it may then work.
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De : Johan Andries []
Envoyé : jeudi 7 août 2003 11:21
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Objet : imaging issues /FOPException



We’re having some problem with a document containing about 5 GIF images. We’re using the current Forrest cvs version. Is there a limitation to the amount of images that can be used, or is the size of a single image limited? Anyway, the error that shows up during static website generation is shown below:


X [0] projecten/m2ve_v1/meeting_verslagen.pdf   BROKEN: org.apache.fop.apps.FOPE

xception: No meaningful layout in block after many attempts.  Infinite loop is a

ssumed.  Processing halted.


We have found out that using an image with a large width could crash the website generation on older Forrest cvs versions. Is this a known issue or should I reconfigure something in order to be able to play around with lots of (and possibly rather big) images?



Johan Andries