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From "Danny Bols" <>
Subject RE: Using XSP in Forrest - dynamic website
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 06:46:41 GMT

the tips Jeff Turner gave me (see attachement) solved my problems.

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  From: Johan Kok []
  Sent: maandag 18 augustus 2003 7:51
  Subject: RE: Using XSP in Forrest - dynamic website


  I recently downloaded the same to a development system running under XP
and obtained the following results using wepapp:

  1. Rendered a blank page (i.e. no errors provided either) when using
localhost:8080/test (test web-site)
  2. Any document using document v11 (or is it v12) does not render
  3. Calling the FAQ page (localhost:8080/test /FAQ) directly does however
bring the site up with that page. The same account for the other document

  The problem that I have therefor seems to be related to the rendering of
document v11 (or 12). I have not had the time to investigate further...
Can you check if you achieve the same results?

  Johan Kok
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    From: Danny Bols []
    Sent: 11 August 2003 08:43
    Subject: Using XSP in Forrest


    I downloaded the apache-forrest-0.4-bin version and am considering to
use it in one of my projects. In this project I do have a bunch of XSP's
which I would like to use in my new forrest project site.

    1. Can anyone tell me what I should to do to get an XSP up and running
in my forrest site. The online docs talk about different sitemaps that are my prebuild version I only see. Am I using the right version of
    2. The dynamic website runs perfectly within the Jetty engine but the
WAR-file generated by forrest doesn't run under Tomcat. What am I doing

    Danny Bols

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