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From "Stefan Seifert" <>
Subject Sporadicaly missing images in current forrest version
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 22:39:54 GMT

I've a problem with the current forrest version: in some of the rendered xdocs the last (and
only the last!) image is missing! The path is correct, the image is there, but is not included
in the build directory (only a missing image icon in the web page).

I did some analyzing and testing:
- This problem did not occur with a forrest version from May (this was before the CLI optimisation)
- most of the times the missing image is a figure element at the bottom of the page. All other
images on the same page are included correctly.
- The problem does not occur when generating online using jetty
- The image is correctly included in the PDF both online and generated.
- It occurs only in the generated html files. But not in all files.
- No broken links are reported for the missing files during build process. The missing filenames
are not reported at all but ignored in this build messages.
- No Sitemap parts are overriden. A custom skin is used.

As this problem is very strange i'm a bit on a loss where to begin to search for the problem.
Any hints?
Alternativly i could send you my project with xdocs,images+skin if you want to reproduce the
problem yourself.


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