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From Corneanu Dan <>
Subject Multilanguage sites
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 12:33:46 GMT
Hi there!

I want to build a multi language site using forrest. Here is what I am 
thinking of:
- all the content is in XML (doc-v12) format, with every file being 
translated to all the languages used.
The association between language and the content xml file is made based 
on the rule that for every
content there is a file 'foo.xml' for the default language (say EN) and 
for every other language there is a
translation 'foo(DE).xml', 'foo(FR).xml' etc.
- the 'site.xml' file will have links only to files in the default language.
- if a link like '<link site:bar>Link to bar</link>' appears in the 
it must be translated to a link to the 'html' generated from file 
- every page will have three links for changing the language and 
reaching the translated pages.

I have already started to play with site.xmap and document2html.xsl but 
I would really appreciate some ideas of
how can this problem be approached best. Maybe there is already some 
effort in this direction, if so please let me know.

Best regards,

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