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From Juan Jose Pablos <>
Subject Re: Moving map:components to the root sitemap?
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 12:33:34 GMT

> What do you mean?  We already delegate most processing to subsitemaps.
> sitemap.xmap defines the URI space, and subsitemap define what those URIs
> are.

I mean to move all map:components out sitemap ( I guess map:pipes ought 
to be there)

>>>That's more or less what sitemap.xmap does, or have I misunderstood you?
>>you have things like "skinit" as well, I would like to move them out 
> Yes, we could have an output.xmap, containing *.html and *.pdf
> definitions.  But then where do the body-*, tab-* and menu-* matchers go?


<map:match pattern="**body-*.html">
         <map:select type="exists">
           <map:when test="content/xdocs/{1}{2}.ehtml">
             <map:generate src="content/xdocs/{1}{2}.ehtml" />
             <map:transform src="resources/stylesheets/html2htmlbody.xsl" />
             <map:transform type="linkrewriter" 
             <map:serialize type="xml" />


       <map:match pattern="**body-*.html">
         <map:mount uri-prefix="" src="body.xmap" check-reload="yes" />

so, If tomorrow we add a new format "*.fhtml" overwriter sitemaps will 
still work.


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