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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Newsletter entry
Date Sat, 09 Aug 2003 08:15:55 GMT
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The Apache XML Project - Forrest

Contributor: Jeff Turner

[Forrest], for those who don't know, is an XML-based documentation system built on Cocoon,
used to build sites like []

Forrest is currently in a stable phase, waiting on some Cocoon improvements before a 0.5 release
is made. Significant progress has been made since 0.4. Most notably, the monolithic sitemap
has been divided into functional categories and logical layers, with the aim of making Forrest
sites easier to maintain, and new features easier to add [*]. There are numerous new features,

    * Ability to generate a single PDF/HTML of the entire site
    * New flexible tab/menu system [*]
    * Numerous skin improvements, including Javascript-controlled menus
    * A new pure CSS variant of standard skin.
    * DTD improvements (v11 replaced with v12, and v20 in the works)
    * Wiki support [demo]
    * Improved PDF output
    * About 70% faster, thanks to the new command-line interface in Cocoon 

Forrest gained two new committers, Juan José Pablos, and Leo Simons (who wrote a Maven plugin,
waiting to be checked in). In addition, all Cocoon committers were granted karma to Forrest
CVS, in recognition of the close ties between these projects.

Tentative plans for the next release include:

    * adopting XHTML 2 as a standard intermediate format
    * adopting RELAX NG as a schema format
    * developing a simple XSLT-based plugin system for defining new tags
    * make site development much faster by avoiding the creation of a temporary webapp directory
    * exploiting the numerous features in the upcoming Cocoon 2.1 release 

Join us on [] if you have questions or would like to participate.

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