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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Moving map:components to the root sitemap?
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2003 06:54:31 GMT

A while ago, there was a discussion about getting rid of component
definitions from subsitemaps, and moving them all into sitemap.xmap,
resulting in this patch:

revision 1.113
date: 2003/07/29 09:45:19;  author: cheche;  state: Exp;  lines: +32 -6
Moving <map:components> from mount xmaps to sitemap.xmap

Sorry I didn't participate back then.  What was the reason for this
change?  I'd have thought it makes more sense to define the component
where it is used.  Putting subsitemap component definitions in the root
sitemap breaks the separation of concerns between sitemaps.   For
instance, I now have to have nekodtd, the Chaperon lexer, the profiler
and various other seemingly irrelevant components cluttering my
sitemap.xmap.  Currently, the sitemaps are designed so that if any
modifications are required, they can probably be done in sitemap.xmap,
not touching the other sitemaps.  But now that the component definitions
are all in sitemap.xmap, any time it is overridden, it prevents
subsitemaps from being painlessly upgraded.


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