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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: [patch] person tag
Date Sat, 23 Aug 2003 00:37:40 GMT

Hello?  The lack of response to some of my posts here, and for other OS projects 
is frustrating.  Especially when what I'm posting is a patch, hopefully 
something to improve the project.  What does it mean when nobody responds?

You don't care?
You're too busy?
This patch doesn't work?
You don't like me?
This patch isn't even wanted?

I'd fork forrest right now, just so I could do commits.  But obviously that 
wouldn't be good in the long run, since eventually my changes would be drastic 
enought that I couldn't merge mainline changes into mine.

Dave Brondsema

Quoting Dave Brondsema <>:
> This patch takes advantage of the @email attribute on the <person> tag.  It
> respects the obfuscate-email-links setting, too.
> This is just for 'common', but it should be trivial to apply to the change
> to
> any skins that need it.

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