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From "mjb" <>
Subject Docbook skinning and public identifiers
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 21:49:42 GMT
Dear people

I would like to transform my Docbook documents using the Norm Walsh style
rather than using the docbook2document.xsl style sheet

But my docbook documents dont have public identifiers in them
(I cant change this)
How do I let Forrest know what sort of document it is dealing with?

Mr Crossley, in his FAQ gives the following xml as the way to transform
DocBook using the Norm walsh sheets.
  <map:match pattern="**/resolver-*.html">
    <map:generate src="content/xdocs/{1}/resolver-{2}.xml"/>

Which sitemap file does this go in? (the main sitemap.xmap?).
Also, does it matter where abouts in the sitemap.xmap file it goes?
 Also, does this handle the 'skinning' process as well? In other words, will
the Docbook documents appear
  within the HTML framework of Forrest?
 Also: is the text 'resolver' significant?

Also: I downloaded a source copy of Forrest from the
download directory (tar.gz) but the structure of the
sitemap.xmap files seems very different to that described
in the documentation (for example: I cant find a 'forrest.xmap' any where on
my system)
  Is this version very out of date?
  Do I need to use cvs to get a recent copy?

thanks for your help
matthew bishop

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