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From "Ramon Prades" <>
Subject miniTOC generation
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 15:21:32 GMT
I have added a new tag in skinconf.xml to control how many sections to
include when generating the miniTOC.
The new tag is:
    <toc level="n"/>
The above tells forrest fo use "n" sections (defaults to "2"). If level="0"
no miniTOC is generated. This tag should go immediately after the "trail"
section. Also, if you add this tag to an existing "skinconf.xml" remember to
update the DTD at the beginning of the file.
I've changed "document2html.xsl" to exclude all empty titles as well.
The attached zip has got all the required files. Simply extract the zip to a
directory and run:
ant -Dforrest-src=<forrest-source-directory>
Then rebuild forrest and that's it.

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