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From "Ramon Prades" <>
Subject RE: Lucene Search
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 15:45:33 GMT
Hi Cheche

I've already have an indexer for document v1.2, although it needs tidying up
and optimizing. It uses SAX as the example you've sent. 

The idea is parsing all forrest xml files in the site and index them
according to this rules:

- Store title, abstract and authors.
- Index the full content of the document in plain text (I mean, no tags at

That's going to be done at build time.

Then, in the html generation add another button next to the Google search
box to search in the site. This button will pass the request to a servlet,
and this servlet will generate an xml list with all the matching documents,
including their title and their abstract. To render the xml we can use xsl.
The problem is that all this stuff won't work in static sites, but will in
the webapp.

This is more or less the idea, but I would like to know your thoughts.


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De: Juan Jose Pablos [] 
Enviado el: jueves, 07 de agosto de 2003 17:16
Asunto: Re: Lucene Search


Unfortunaly there is not much work on this, but I am willing to help you 

For creating the index check here:
That needs to be extended to support document v12.

Reusing the google seach box is fine but there must be a xsp or similar 
running on forrest that gets the query search.

Looking forward.


Ramón Prades wrote:
> I need to add searching capabilities to my forrest site. I think the
> search-in-site feature could be done in Lucene. The files could be 
> indexed at build time, and a search box could be added to all generated 
> pages (or even better, the existing Google search box could be reused 
> maybe adding a second button "Search in Site").
> Is there any work on that or shall I do it myself?
> Regards.
> Ramon Prades

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