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From Eirik Bjørsnøs <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] <abstract> element ignored in document2html.xsl
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 09:21:04 GMT


> An abstract element can have all these elements:
> <!ENTITY % markup "strong|em|code|sub|sup">
> <!ENTITY % links "link|connect|jump|fork|anchor">
> <!ENTITY % special "br|img|icon">
> So I do not think that you should overwrite that, I applied a patch on
> the CVS. Could you verify that works for you?

That works very well, thank you!

However, header handling is still not complete in document2html.xsl

<version>, <type> and <notice> are not shown.

In PDF, the notice is shown with lines above and below, like this:

NOTICE: Some users can find this document boring

But from the DTD:
<!ELEMENT note (%content.mix;)*>
<!ELEMENT notice (%content.mix;)*>

The content of these is the same, so we could just expand the template
that matches for note|warning|fixme to also match for notice, and add the
corresponding definitions to the css files. We could even reuse the note
css definitions.

Should <version> be displayed?

What is <type> supposed to be used for? Should it also be displayed?

I would be happy to provide a patch once I get some input on this.

Eirik Bjørsnøs           	                 (+47) 41 47 37 65                   

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