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From Eirik Bjørsnøs <>
Subject forrest.jvmarg in
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 11:00:39 GMT

Hello again,

The <java> task that starts the jetty server in has a
<jvmarg line="${forrest.jvmargs}">.

An example use of this is to run:

forrest -Dforrest.jvmargs=-Djava.awt.headless=true run

This allows me to to run forrest on a Linux box without access to an X11
server. ("Headless" operation).

However, the <java> task that invokes org.apache.cocoon.Main does not have
the <jvmarg>, making it impossible to set the parameter described above.

(There is a version of the <java> task a few lines above that does have a
<jvmarg>, but it is commented out.)

Maybe someone could add a <jvmarg line="${forrest.jvmargs}"/> to the
<java> task that invokes the CLI?

I guess it could be used to enable a lot of things other than headless

Thanks a lot.

PS: This time I did my homework and checked against CVS. :-)

Eirik Bjørsnøs

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