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From "Robert P. J. Day" <>
Subject images, images and more images
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 01:40:40 GMT

  ok, i've made some progress so i'm just going to write out
everything i've gone through, and i'd appreciate any clarification
for questions i have.

  scenario:  a simple website (variation of avalon-tigris skin),
with exactly three images, all listed in skinconf.xml:

  1)  <project-logo>images/tinytux.png</project-logo>
  2)     images/built-with-forrest-button.png
  3)     images/linuxpower.jpeg

note that i have to supply 1) and 3), while i've deduced that 2)
is pulled by forrest out of the forresthome directory so i don't have
to worry about it.  so far, so good.

  ok, first point.  i found it initially confusing that the file
"" defines an explicit project.images-dir directory,
whose name is conveniently "images/", yet the references to images
in skinconf.xml must (apparently) be listed relative to the parent
"resources" directory.  this is not at all intuitive.

  second point.  although i mentioned this before, forrest does bad
things with files that end with ".jpg", but not ".jpeg".  definitely

  next major point.  i'm assuming that, except for images that i can
drag out of the forresthome directory (like "Built with Apache Forrest"), 
i have to supply all images i use, and as i read it, it's sufficient to 
place those images in src/.../resources/images, right?

  (digression:  what is the rationale for the "images/" directory
under the specific skins/ directory?  so far, i'm ignoring it.  should
i be doing something with it if i create a custom skin?)

  ok, so i've copied *my* two images into .../resources/images, and
i figure i should be good to go.  i run "forrest", it runs to completion,
i load the index.html file into mozilla and ... while the tinytux.png
file is rendered nicely up top, and the apache forrest logo looks good,
the linuxpower.jpeg file is not displayed, only the alt "Powered by 
Linux".  so why is that graphics file not being rendered?

  check the page source for index.html, the src= value for that
image looks good: "src=images/linuxpower.jpeg".  so what's the

  here, i need a clarification.  if i go under the new build/
directory, is my *entire* site upload found under build/site?
that is, is that directory and all of its subdirectories entirely
self-contained?  because if i look in the images/ directory in that
directory, i find exactly:


and *no* linuxpower.jpeg file.  why not?

  if i look further up, under build/tmp, i find what i assume
are all sorts of intermediate results, including the directory
build/tmp/context/resources/images, which contains a pile of
image files, including my linuxpower.jpeg.  so why is that file
sitting here but not in my build/site/images directory where it
would do some good?  if i copy it down manually, then suddenly,
i have my graphic.  why isn't it being copied there already?

  and in conclusion, things i'm curious about:

1) what does forrest have against files that end with ".jpg"?
2) what is the purpose of the images/ directory in the skins/ directories,
   and when should they be used (if ever)?
3) is the build/site directory a wholly self-contained web site?
4) why is my linuxpower.jpeg file not being copied into build/site/images,
   where it can be displayed?


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