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From "Robert P. J. Day" <>
Subject having *major* troubles with images (specifically jpegs)
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 00:14:16 GMT

  as a followup to one of my previous posts, i'm trying to add a
simple "Powered by Linux" jpeg file to the bottom of my web page,
next to the "Built with Apache Forrest" logo, and i am just beside
myself with frustration.

  as i already learned the hard way, it is not acceptable to have
a JPEG file with the suffix ".jpg", since forrest insists on
appending a ".jpeg" suffix to that, which means the file itself
will never be found.  so i rename the file to end with .jpeg
and get back to work.

  last time, when i fixed things this way, i actually got the
logo to display, and thought my problems were over.  today,
i go to rebuild the web page and, to my astonishment, i'm back
to where i started, even when the file ends with .jpeg.  i have
the Alt test displayed, but no logo.  the page source looks
fine, the image reference is correct.  but no logo.

  as a test, i copy in a random .png file, try to render that.
renders fine.  so i know i have the graphics file in the
correct directory.  switch back to try the .jpeg file, and 
this time, the page source shows me that the the src attribute
starts with "../images/" when it didn't before.  it's as if
forrest is just randomly deciding to do something one run, 
and something completely different the next run with exactly
the same src directory.

  yes, i know it sounds bizarre, but i can't explain it any
other way.  i've seen, on numerous occasions, where i can make
a change to the src directory, rebuild, and no change appears
on the web page.  rebuild again.  no change.  rebuild possibly
a third time (with *no* changes in between) and lo and behold,
i get the new content to display.  no idea what is going on.

  and no idea what the problem is with graphic files.  any
advice would be appreciated.



Robert P. J. Day
Eno River Technologies
Unix, Linux and Open Source training
Waterloo, Ontario

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